Friday, January 18, 2019

Abnormality in Fantasy Land

I was listening to a song by Nanci Griffith on headphones while I did my mall walk this afternoon. It's a peppy little number called "Hell No (I'm Not Alright)" and it inspired the following post:

Hell no, motherfucker, we're not alright.

One big reason we're not alright is that nearly all of the mainstream media and most Republicans are delusional. The media (print and electronic) insist on covering Donny Nachos like he's a normal Republican politician who won a normal election in 2016 to become a normal president of the United States. Not one of those things is true, but pretending they are is the main reason Donny's job approval hasn't fallen below 30 percent yet.

When people assume this insane bullshit is normal, it makes it practically impossible for them to accept the truth. They're refusing to realize there's a first time for everything.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


While we wait for updates on what's happening now, we may as well ponder the presidential election in 2020. The only thing I've decided so far is that if the Democratic Party nominates Bernie Sanders, who is NOT a Democrat, they deserve to lose and probably will.

I believe Bernie Sanders was a contender in 2016 mainly because he was essentially going one-on-one against Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Democrats will have a wider range of choices next time.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Workin' Man Blues?

Donald gets all pissy when he's asked if he ever worked for Russia. Since his idea of work is the sort of labor performed by the hired help at his crummy hotels, he probably believes he can truthfully deny it. Besides, no one could really call anything as easy as what he does for Vladimir Putin work. Shit, he breaks more sweat playing golf in Florida.

Added 11:33 PM Monday: It would be sweet if Mueller can sweep Devin Nunes out with the rest of the dirt. And on the subject of dirt, is it possible to make a lowlife like Steve King of Iowa experience shame? Probably not.

Donald surrounded by stacks of fast food burgers. He's died and been reborn in heaven. (Actually it's his banquet to honor Clemson's national champs.)

Chow for Champs

Thursday, January 10, 2019

What's on TV today?

Here's an idea that looks promising: Televise the House committee hearings.

Right now, Donny Motherfucker loves TV publicity because he wants to be the focal point of the media's short attention span. Maybe putting House investigations on the tube would change his mind about that.

Meanwhile, there's another impeachable offense just waiting to happen.

After all his lies, is there any reason to believe Donny if he says he didn't know about something? Of course not, because he lies the way you and I draw breath.

You know those ignorant yahoos who think Donny's the best prezodent (sic) ever? Those dumb fucks were born to be taken.