Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Multiple Choices

The 21st century version of the Republican Party (the one that's dominated by angry old white geezers and religious fanatics) is on its way to extinction, because most of the people who vote for GOP candidates will be dying off starting any day now. Some people in the party think maybe they should modernize from 19th century American values to 20th century American values. Well, mid-20th century at least. You know, back when the United States watched I Love Lucy and loved Leave It To Beaver.

One of the honchos of the Geriatric Obstacle Party is Mitch (Chinless Wonder) McConnell, the Kentucky lad who is also the Senate minority leader. Mitch is a hipster who has a Facebook page, probably because one of his staffers has one, and maybe because the GOP thinks 'social media' can be exploited to lure young people to a party that's geared toward their grandparents.

Anyway, Mitch is using Facebook to see which issues are important to his FB followers:

See? Isn't that cool?

What a motherfucking dipstick.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


There are many things about the tea party movement that make me feel like puking, and one of them is the idea that voters who hate government are able to elect candidates who also hate government, have no interest in governing, and have no political skills whatsoever. Goddammit, I have to live here, and I need functional government --- at least at the federal level. (I've written off state government as a lost cause for the time being).

When fucking tea creeps (or teaps for short) take congressional seats away from Republicans who actually understand the role of government and are able to negotiate reasonable compromises, we get the kind of cluster fuck that we've been seeing since the 2010 midterm elections.

With that in mind, an item from Talking Points Memo gave me a reason to smile for a few minutes this afternoon. I need tiny flickers of hope now and then to avoid going completely pessimistic.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Usually, I think of Massachusetts as one of the better states. Yeah, I know they elected Mitt Romney as governor, but that was when he was still moderate Massachusetts Mormon Mitt, and not the buttwipe who ran for president in 2012. But the point is, a bill was filed in the legislature that would be business as usual in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, or one of those backwater hellholes like Idaho, but not the sort of thing I'd expect from the state that gave us RomneyCare. The legislator who filed the bill (a Republican) claims he just did it as a favor to a constituent. Huh?

When I get depressed, I always start worrying that before too long, there won't be any safe places left in America. The goddamned pod people will be in control everywhere.