Wednesday, January 18, 2017

She Watched Him on TV

From a story in USA TODAY about voters in the three Rust Belt states that put Pootin' in the White House:

"In Luzerne County, Pa., Democratic county council member Eileen Sorokas — who volunteered for Obama, voted for him twice and even named a couple of ducks after him and the vice president — voted for Trump and is confident he’ll be a great president.

“He’ll handle himself pretty good,” said Sorokas, 69, who lives in a county where coal-mining jobs are gone and once-booming factories have long been shuttered. “I watched him on The Apprentice. … I think he’s a businessman and he’s going to do a good job. His livelihood is here.”

Pootin' won Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes, Wisconsin by 22,748 votes, and Michigan by 10,704 votes. That's 77,744 votes in three states combined that probably changed American history, and not for the better. Adding insult to injury, Green Party candidate Jill Stein got 48,912 votes in Pennsylvania, 30,980 votes in Wisconsin, and 50,700 votes in Michigan. If the Stein voters had switched to HRC, nobody would give a shit what Pootin' was tweeting at 3:15 AM on Tuesday morning.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Lying Motherf---ers

Serious research has established that most of the public statements Porky makes orally or on Twitter are false, and many are blatant lies. It's an almost absolute certainty that the whole truth is the diametrical opposite of whatever he's alleging at any given moment. Therefore, his denials basically confirm the accuracy of the information in the U.S. intelligence dossier that surfaced this week.

By the way, that's Porky with a capital PEE.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


The level of corruption that Porky Prick will get away with should astonish all Americans who were raised to believe our laws apply equally to everyone, even the President of the United States.

Maybe that was true before November 8th, but the Republican Party has decided we need a dictator, unaccountable to anyone, who'll use the office strictly to increase his personal wealth and power. Corruption? Who gives a shit?

Remember when Republicans bitched for weeks after Obama didn't wear a U.S. flag lapel pin? Those fucking assholes.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Fucking New Year

The trump lumps, with crucial assistance from the Russians and a rogue FBI director, were able to turn 46 percent of the popular vote into an Electoral College win for a fat, repulsive 70-year old sociopath who has the attention span and impulse control of a first-grader, the mature judgment of a second-grader, the communication skills of a third-grader, and the social skills and personal charm of a serial killer.

The Tweet Twit is conclusive proof that Republicans will ALWAYS choose the WORST of the possible alternatives in EVERY situation.