Monday, April 15, 2019

The Sweet Taste of Total Exoneration?

According to the liberal media, a heavily redacted version of the Mueller investigation report is supposed to be released to Congress and the public on Thursday. This morning, Donnie Hump is pounding out tweet after tweet, bad-mouthing the report and everybody connected to the investigation. Oddly enough, since Booger Barr allegedly wiped the slate clean for him, this isn't the reaction I expected.

Is it possible someone finally told the piss stain that even an edited version of the report won't be exculpatory?

To repeat myself, it wouldn't have taken nearly two years of investigation to verify that Hump was innocent on all counts. I won't be surprised if an unabridged, uncensored copy of the real Mueller report surfaces after Booger's blacked-out edition becomes part of the public record.

Added 7:19 PM Monday: Well, isn't this interesting. Is there anybody mixed up with the orange piss stain who doesn't also have troubling links to the Russians?

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